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Leah and Devon in Ireland

I recently had the good fortune of returning to Ireland to document Leah and Devon's elopement on a foggy strand of the Dingle Peninsula, West Ireland.  My first time there was spent working on a farm and wandering the countryside, clearing my head between years of college.  Since then, I've married, and in addition to other shared experiences of our past, my wife had also spent time there, near to both where I'd sheared sheep and got stuck in a bog and where Leah and Devon would marry.  Suffice to say we were all excited to go to the Green Isle!


Leah explains:  "We chose Ireland because of my husband's heritage and connection to the Blasket Islands, which are located off the Dingle peninsula. His grandfather is currently the oldest living Blasket Islander. We were also looking to elope in a foreign land and I had never been to Ireland - I had an image of all-consuming landscapes that would encase our nuptials in saturated color and diffused light - which was exactly the case! "


The day we reserved for the wedding the weather changed from bright, blue skies to blustery Ireland of lore, nonetheless Leah and Devon were resolute.  After a pint at one of the coolest pubs I've ever been to (which doubles as a hardware store during the daytime!), we drove through the fog to an isolated stretch of beach.  The location contrasted them against rolling sea, while professing commitments and sheparding in a new way of being with one another.


Leah's dress was custom made and designed by two creative and wonderful women - her Mother, and Aimee Bracken of Form Boutique.  "I knew I wanted my wedding dress to be unique and anything but white," said Leah.  "I also wanted it to really compliment the Irish landscape. So, I decided to meet with Aimee. I really wanted to work with someone local to create the perfect dress. After chatting about the project, she agreed to work as the designer. My Mom took on the role of the seamstress - reliving her days in a small independent dress shop in Austin, TX. The project took a little under a year through the design process, pattern making, fabric shopping and final fittings." On working with her Mom, "We had collaborated on something really beautiful together. That experience alone was important for us to share since Devon and I would be eloping to Ireland on our own."


The next day the skies opened up and we decided to go back out on the peninsula and take a few more photos and do some genuine frolicking...after checking out the post, click here to see the extended gallery.