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Shiri and Matt

Each time I approach a wedding day, I aim to document the couple's unique experience, and in turn, I get to know them pretty intimately throughout the day. However, being a subjective person, I am still telling my version of the story through my lens.  For this reason, I truly love to hear directly from them about the emotions, inner dialogues, whispers between two people, and thrills behind the photographs. I've asked the bride, Shiri to guide us through her day.


"I have so many favorite moments of the day, it was really the best day of my life. Shopping with my best friend the morning of my wedding for her dress that night is one for sure! But definitely seeing Matt for the first time, taking our 'first look' pictures, throwing leaves at each other, dancing with him and my friends, and seeing all the people that we love so happy and joyful was really the best, I was on a natural high the whole day. Matt's 'thank you' speech to our guests at the end really touched me as well, because I wasn't expecting him to turn it into a 'thank you' to me also."




We really wanted the whole wedding to feel like Fall, as it was the end of November. We liked to use the words rustic, organic, and elegant, when describing our vision. We wanted our guests to be greeted with warm apple cider and donuts upon arriving, to get an immediate feel of "coming in from the cold" and feeling warm and cozy. I knew I wanted dried leaves scattered down the aisle before the ceremony and tons of candles for the ceremony and reception for an elegant, romantic feel as well. Matt and I would have loved to have the ceremony outdoors, but due to the time of year that wasn't practical. So the space at the Horticulture Center was perfect for us, as we could bring the outdoors, in. 



We weren't sure if we wanted to do favors, but decided to use the favors as place cards. The favors were small burlap sacks that we thought would feel like a table at a farmers' market, with a "price tag" on it with each guests/couples' name and table assignment. Inside the bags were recycled paper leaves with wildflower seeds embedded in them for guests to plant, which tied in to our rustic, natural, organic theme. For the tables, rather than numbers, we chose the names of mountains we had skied or hiked, or cities we had traveled to recently, because those are our favorite activities to do together. I made the favors/placecards and table names myself.



Eric Shellack from Robertson's Flowers did an amazing job of taking my ideas and making them 1000 times better. The Horticulture Center already so beautiful, filled with plants, so we didn't want to compete with that. We chose lanterns with some other moss, twigs, and seeds and dried pods for the centerpieces. I've always loved the combination of pink and brown and feel that it can evoke the feeling of Fall without being so obvious as orange. We wanted to be true to the season and use flowers, seeds, berries, and twigs that would be readily available in the Fall.




We were SO Happy that we chose Readyluck to photograph our wedding. I really felt like you were just our friends who were hanging out and celebrating with us, not that you were hired to be there. We felt so comfortable with you both and found your guidance with posing for the pictures to be so helpful because at first we felt like we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing! The wedding day went by so fast and looking back on the pictures now, you caught moments that I didn't even remember happening, so its like I get to experience the wedding all over again, for the first time! 



Any advice to couples planning their wedding? "I would say trust you vendors. I wasn't sure how well my ideas would translate and come together, but everyone we hired did such an amazing job of taking my vision, and enhancing it so that I felt that everything that day looked 1000 times better than I had imagined it could."


Thanks to Jacqueline for shooting this wedding with me.


Check out Stonermedia's fantastic video recap here.

Cinematography: Noah Stoner, Stonermedia
Flowers: Eric Shellack, Robertson's Flowers
Event Design & Planning: Leila Miller, Stephen Starr Events
Ceremony and Reception Location: The Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park
Music: The Klezmer band for the ceremony and cocktail hour was Golden Medina. The reception music was Love Jones Band
Invitations: Matt's sister, Danielle Cantor designed the invitations and it was printed by 
Shoes:  The Brides shoes were "Unlisted by Kenneth Cole", The Groomsshoes were Johnston & Murphy
Dress: The dress was Macao, from the line, Reverie by Melissa Sweet purchased at Priscilla of Boston, veil was Priscilla of Boston
Hair and Makeup: Beehive Hair Salon
Cake: Night Kitchen Bakery in Chestnut Hill 

Consider the Groom

 We'd noticed that many of our grooms are paying more and more attention to the fine details of their attire on their wedding day, so we decided to inquire with a couple of experts.


We asked Chris Walbert, curator and organizer behind the recent wildly successful pop-up shop in Baltimore, Confirmed Stock. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Chris is also a groom-to-be himself, and we can't wait to document his wedding in November.  "To me, a groom's wedding day look should be both classic and of the moment. My advice is pretty simple, stick to the classics for the big items and get a bit more creative with the smaller touches. Your suit or tux should be a classic color and must fit well. If you want to add some personality to the look, do so with a cool tie, pocket square, socks or great shoes. But don't go overboard, a little color goes a long way. And again, pay attention to fit, seriously. Get a suit or tux that fits you perfectly. Nothing will make you look worse than a baggy, ill-fitting suit with sleeves that drape over your fingers."




Matt Fox from Fine and Dandy shop in the Meatpacking District of NYC agrees with Chris. We met him at the show Wedding Crashers where he anchored the "groom's lounge" complete with fine Whiskey. "We always hear that it's her day and that the wedding day is all about the bride. That doesn't mean that the groom shouldn't look smashing, if for no other reason than to perfectly compliment the bride. When we advise guys who are looking for some extra wedding day style help, we always suggest that they think about how they will view their wedding photos decades from now. Will you look totally dated in your sartorial choices (think uber-wide lapeled, baby blue tux with ruffled shirt of the 70's)? We recommend a classic/timeless look. Think James Bond - you can't go wrong. And most of all, make sure everything fits perfectly. Go custom if you can. After all, James Bond wouldn't be caught dead in an ill-fitting tuxedo!"


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