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Consider the Groom

 We'd noticed that many of our grooms are paying more and more attention to the fine details of their attire on their wedding day, so we decided to inquire with a couple of experts.


We asked Chris Walbert, curator and organizer behind the recent wildly successful pop-up shop in Baltimore, Confirmed Stock. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Chris is also a groom-to-be himself, and we can't wait to document his wedding in November.  "To me, a groom's wedding day look should be both classic and of the moment. My advice is pretty simple, stick to the classics for the big items and get a bit more creative with the smaller touches. Your suit or tux should be a classic color and must fit well. If you want to add some personality to the look, do so with a cool tie, pocket square, socks or great shoes. But don't go overboard, a little color goes a long way. And again, pay attention to fit, seriously. Get a suit or tux that fits you perfectly. Nothing will make you look worse than a baggy, ill-fitting suit with sleeves that drape over your fingers."




Matt Fox from Fine and Dandy shop in the Meatpacking District of NYC agrees with Chris. We met him at the show Wedding Crashers where he anchored the "groom's lounge" complete with fine Whiskey. "We always hear that it's her day and that the wedding day is all about the bride. That doesn't mean that the groom shouldn't look smashing, if for no other reason than to perfectly compliment the bride. When we advise guys who are looking for some extra wedding day style help, we always suggest that they think about how they will view their wedding photos decades from now. Will you look totally dated in your sartorial choices (think uber-wide lapeled, baby blue tux with ruffled shirt of the 70's)? We recommend a classic/timeless look. Think James Bond - you can't go wrong. And most of all, make sure everything fits perfectly. Go custom if you can. After all, James Bond wouldn't be caught dead in an ill-fitting tuxedo!"


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Engage! in Vegas

A couple of weeks ago, Shane and Lindsay boarded a plane to Las Vegas to document Engage!12, the luxury wedding business summit at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental. It's a wonderful community of fellow creative event professionals, and together we brainstormed, bonded and pow wowed about the wedding industry.  We discussed how to be even better for our clients. It was amazing to have intimate conversations with some of the icons and leaders in the wedding industry - people we've looked up to, and admired for a long time. A big thank you to Kathryn and Rebecca for inviting us to document, and experience it all. We thought a couple of quotes from the amazing speakers, and new friends, would do a great job to sum up the whirlwind experience:


"It's not enough to launch a beautiful product, you have to do it with voice and panache and inspiration." - Anne Fulenwider, editor in Chief of Brides Magazine

The 23rd floor lobby of the Mandarin Oriental.

"Learn how to stop, be patient and find inspiration" - Matthew Robbins

"I don't take risks to chase dollars, I take risks for the love of life...I set new goals to stay interested" -  Angela Desveraux

Synchronized swimmers from Cirque du Soleil at the Opening Party

A hotel employee takes a time out behind the scenes.

"be kind....kindness is free" - Elizabeth Messina

Two showgirls and the amazing Sylvia Weinstock with the former Mayor of Las Vegas.

Carly Rooney, founder and CEO of the Knot magazine

One of our new favorite people, Mindy Weiss. What a sense of passion, humor, and humbleness all rolled in together.

"People are paying you to think in ways that they are not capable of " - Peter Shallard

Our friends Tait and Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty

Sylvia and her sweet husband Ben take a moment before enjoying a dine around with the Engage crew at Mastros at Crystal's

The view from our hotel room

The lovely Rebecca and Kathryn, the powerhouse of inspiration, organization and movtivation behind the engage! series.

Shane with Jes Gordon, Ceci Johnson.

Boy band madness

Adoring fans!

"We are in the business of love, and if you can't laugh then you should get out of it!" - Mindy Weiss


The gala to wrap the week's events

Lindsay and Shane at the Gala on the last night.

Gifts for the Good Life gave us so many goodies to take home and remember all the magic of Engage!12. 


You can see a couple of the recap posts on Style Me Pretty, The Breakers Palm Beach, Events Jubilee and so many more. Check out the hashtag #engage12 on Twitter for a little glimpse of all of the excitement, and the great recap below by new friends at I Do Films.


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