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Katie and Ty

I had the joy of being reunited with an old friend from elementary school after Katie contacted me about photographing her wedding. Katie has been such a cheerleader for Readyluck from our beginning, and it was such an honor and thrill to create photos for her and Ty on their wedding day in and around my hometown of Boston. Here's more from Katie about their wedding day...


We chose Boston because this is my hometown, and more importantly, it's where we met and fell in love. Our entire relationship was built in Boston, since we met at Boston College, and we have a lot of really special memories around this city. Choosing the State Room was kind of a funny thing--apparently, I had forgotten that years ago (before we were engaged) Ty had sent me a picture of the State Room and jokingly suggested we get married there some day. Then, once we got engaged, I went to go check it out knowing that it was more of a fantasy venue than anything. When I went into the room, and every time I visited thereafter, the view simply took my breath away. It just felt right!



Ty's favorite moment was seeing the happiness on my face and just watching me dance, so carefree. My favorite moment was probably the ceremony--not only was it meaningful and intimate, but fun and hilarious--and I got to marry my best, best, best, friend.  Close seconds were riding to the Boston Commons in the pedicab with my dad, and having everyone honk and scream congratulations at us, and being ushered in by the mariachi band at the cocktail hour.





I had been following Lindsay's work and Readyluck's blog for years and had told Ty, even before we were engaged, that I wanted her to photograph our wedding. She captured our wedding in a way that was beautiful an elegant, but also accurately portrayed all the crazy, unique details that made our wedding so fun!



We really wanted to make this a wedding no one would forget, so we put a lot of effort into making it fun an interesting for our guests at every turn. From our song choices, to table names, to cake toppers and the ceremony, we tried to make our wedding the utmost authentic Katie and Ty experience.



Yes, that is indeed Baldwin, the Boston College Eagle sharing a dance with Katie's grandmother. Amazing!

The vendors who helped make their day possible:

• Officiant: Reverand Geoff DeFranca (Katie's uncle!)
• Dress: Jim Hjelm, Bella Bridal Shoppe in Amesbury, MA.
• Shoes: BHLDN
• Linen Rental:  Pam Collins/ Peterson Linen Rental and Sales
• Florist: Michele Bernard
• Videographer: Pirates Lane
• Ceremony Musician:  Brian Amador
• Mariachi Band: Mexico Lindo Mariachi
• DJ: Charles Mercer
• Photobooth: Boston Photobooth Rental
• Baldwin: Boston College
• Venue: The State Room


Be Ready

We are launching our  'Be Ready' feature with a post by Viva Max Weddings. Our friend and colleague, Viva is a well seasoned New York City wedding planner that always manages to stay fresh. We love her unique twist on the art of coordinating and appreciate her creative ideas and openness. She has a vivacious personality and is one of our favorite creators! Here Viva explains what a planner does in her own words.



I could talk for days about all of the amazing things I do for my clients especially since my role changes with every single couple. Since some clients love spreadsheets, some love ribbon, some are intimidated by finances, and others by place settings, I do my best to be flexible to my couples. There still seems to be some key services a wedding planner provides that are universally valuable to every couple.



THE GIFT OF TIME: Your time and energy has value--it does in your everyday life AND in your wedding planning life. I help my clients prioritize their efforts. There is a long list of things to do, advice coming from all directions, and an incessant amount of information on the internet. As a planner I pinpoint what you need to be focused on each step of the way, point out what is worth your energy and money, and what is not. A little professional assistance moves you forward quickly and efficiently and provides you and your fiancé with some extra snuggle time, fewer arguments, and a wedding you can enjoy planning.



A CURATOR: There are thousands of wedding vendors in the world and you can’t look at them all-- that's where I help. A big part of my role as a wedding planner is to follow trends and keep up with who is amazing and talented in the wedding market. With my client’s budget and aesthetic in mind, I curate a list of trustworthy and wonderful vendors to explore. Or, I help them work with the vendors they have already selected to get the most out of each relationship.




THE MAESTRO: On your wedding day you and your family should be focused on being wonderful hosts and having a wonderful time, your planner does the rest. Load-in, set up, timing, cueing, and communicating. I become your eyes and ears as I ensure all your ideas, plans, and priorities are executed as discussed. I put a glass in your hand, nudge you down that aisle, and cue you onto the dance floor--all you have to do is smile, look beautiful, and love your partner.



A CALM: Sometimes you just need someone there to listen and support with out judgement. I help navigate tricky family relationships, balance different opinions, and remind everyone we are celebrating your love. There is a calm that comes along with a shoulder to lean on, and whether or not my couples think they need it at first, that support ends up being one of the most important aspects of our working relationship. And this is my favorite part of being a wedding planner.



Photography captures everything--the mood, the look, the love, and on my end of things, all the effort. I rely on photographers to show off all the hard work that went into that amazing day. Here are five things I think are important to ensure you are getting the most out of your photography on your wedding day




1. Consider lighting: Time of day, venue lights, candles, dimmers--all of this is relevant to your photos. The camera has to be able to SEE you to capture your beautiful face. Talk to your photographer about lighting at your venue and have a game plan in advance.



2. Provide time: Photos take time. No need to feel rushed, so leave extra time for your photos and all related transitions. If you end up finishing early you are only spending more time with the ones you love. Your photographer knows how long things take--so ask them in advance. 



3. Make a list: There will be an infinite amount of beautiful moments to capture that day--your photographer needs to know what is important to you. Don't take a chance on missing a shot of an heirloom or the menu card you worked so hard on: make a list so everyone is clear on your priorities.



4. Like your photographer: Your photographer is by your side all day and works with you selecting and editing images for months after. You want to feel good around them, trust them, enjoy them. 



Thanks Viva! Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Stay tuned for the next edition of Be Ready, coming up soon.

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